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Can you change your character’s skin mode?

Sure you can. You can change into your favourite skin modes by choosing from different skins available in skins tab inside wear deck by clicking on the armory button. Change into different skins like mummy, ninja, cyclop, iron robot and many more. And there’s something new that’s been added.

What’s new?

For all the creative brains, a skins editor option has been provided which is also inside the same skins tab. You can now customize skins according to your personal specifications with all the options available in the editor – this can then be used in the multiplayer battles.

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This is our forum, where you can post your query, opinion and to stay connect with community of Pixel Gun 3 gamer.

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This is our wiki version of Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun 3d world where you can create page and edit existing page .Simple concept here is to pour your knowledge here so that it helps other member of Pixel Gun 3D.

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This chat room is for fun Purpose.You can chat any member and even it may helps to make you friends with similar interest.

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